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Melody is a 24-year-old, multi-talented and naturally gifted artist living in Los Angeles, CA. She was born to create/perform and has been working on her craft for over 16 years. So far, she's been in over 35 stage productions.

She recently played a villainous/sociopathic role, Mrs. Ellet, in Downtown Repertory Theater's immersive production of "The Assassination of Edgar Allan Poe"; and she's working as a traveling princess/character performer for Smile and a Song Princess Parties and Wishing Well Entertainment which recently landed her a special with Allure Magazine that received over 4 million views. (watch in "VIDEO" link). 

Her versatility ranges from comedic and masculine roles (St. Jimmy, American Idiot; Iago: Aladdin) to extremely feminine roles and emotionally demanding roles (Audrey, Little Shop of Horrors; Fantine: Les Miserables).

Her professionalism, dedication and eagerness makes her a joy for any director to work with. Blessed with an amazing memory and an ability to mimic any singing style, she can often perform an entire show on her own. These abilities allow her to excel at improv (acting/musical).


Melody's belting ability often eliminates the need for a microphone although she can exude tenderness with a whisper. She has been compared with Lucille Ball because of her hilarious comedic timing and expressions.

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